We’re not afraid to take on the tough cases. In fact, we love a challenge. Buckel Levasseur & Pillai has litigated and tried many of the more significant and complicated civil cases in Western Maryland in recent years. Examples of some of these cases include:


  • Trial of a complicated wrongful death claim against a local governmental agency. Prior attorneys had rejected this case as being “too difficult”. An ultimate judgment of nearly $700,000 was confirmed on appeal;


  • Trial of a consolidated group of claims against a local municipality arising from extensive property damage to homeowners caused by municipality’s failure to properly design and maintain storm water management system. Trial resulted in plaintiff’s verdict for an amount of approximately $250,000 (after plaintiffs rejected an offer of “nuisance value” days before trial). Verdict upheld upon appeal;


  • Obtained favorable dismissal of all claims brought against developer and construction company clients in Federal Court in protracted litigation arising from numerous development projects in Allegany County, Maryland. Our clients were targets of a $20 million civil RICO claim brought about by large Baltimore law firm upon the behalf of co-developer. After filing of counterclaim, extensive discovery and filing of motion for summary judgment, the plaintiffs dismissed the $20 million claim against our clients with prejudice and without financial settlement.